Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Company – Абурайхан

Aburaihan is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world. Initially, the company was a subsidiary of the German concern “Shering” in Iran in 1965 under the name “Berlimed of Iran”. Its modern name - Aburaihan Pharmaceutical - it received only a few decades later.

Since its inception, the company has specialized in the production of sports pharmacology. Among its most popular products are testosterone esters (enanthate and propionate), which have a good effect. Stanozolol and nandrolone are also quite famous.

Aburaihan cooperates with leading sports doctors and creates his own preparations based on their recommendations regarding the effects of various substances on the human body. As a result of many years of work, drugs have appeared in the manufacturer’s range:

  • to build muscle;
  • to increase power performance;
  • for "drying" muscle mass;
  • for faster recovery after a load.

You can buy Aburaihan products in the form of tablets, injection solutions, ampoules or powder to create an injection mixture.

Advantages of Aburaihan Pharmaceutical Company

Aburaihan has been working in the global market for sports pharmacology for more than half a century, having managed to become one of the leaders in the production of high-quality steroids during this time. This has contributed to the advantages of the company:

  • cooperation with leading sports doctors and a thorough study of the effect of various substances on the athlete’s body;
  • use of high-quality raw materials and innovative methods of its purification for the production of drugs;
  • minimal side effects even with long-term steroids;
  • all drugs are quickly absorbed and give maximum effect;
  • no pain, burning and discomfort after the injection;
  • updated technical base of the enterprise and the use of innovative equipment;
  • products are aimed not only at professional bodybuilders, but also at beginners;
  • continuous improvement and expansion of the product line;
  • products comply with international quality standards (GMP, OHSAS, ISO 14001);
  • best value for money;
  • counterfeit protection.

When the company passed into the possession of the state, a large-scale modernization of the enterprise was carried out, which made Aburaihan the fundamental pharmacological company of Iran.

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