Boldenone is an indispensable helper on the way toward beautiful body

Boldenone is a quite well known drug endowed with anabolic and androgenic effects. Initially, the drug has been in development as a modification of Methandrostenolone with longer-lasting efficacy, but on the practice, it has a different effect. For a long stretch of time, this steroid well established practice in veterinary science, and it gain fame among athletes only after long time. The price of Boldenone depends largely on the trade name, but in effect, all medical preparations proceed similarly.

What is the feature of Boldenone?

Chemically this anabolic drug is akin to testosterone. The difference is just that the Boldenone molecule has a double bond between the first and second carbon atoms. This little difference endowed steroid with the anabolic effect that similar testosterone, at the same time, androgenic action are well below.

Boldenone is distinct from its predecessor methane, in that absence of 17 alpha-methyl group. This key element prevents aromatase and makes it less toxic. 

Another distinctive feature of this anabolic steroid is improved appetite. Due it organism obtains building blocks for muscle tissue.

A noteworthy detail is that the muscle mass growth takes a long time (one further peculiarity of steroid), so if you reckon to order Boldenone, keep this in mind.

How to take Boldenone?

The course of taking Boldenone lasts 6-8 weeks. Beginners advised to limit their intake to 300-600 mg per week, while experienced bodybuilders, who have already tried other steroids, can increase the dosage to 600-800 mg (to a maximum of 1000 mg). Women should not exceed 100 mg per week.

It is a long-acting ester, so injecting it once a week is enough, but, if the desire exists, the weekly dosage can divided into two halves. The drug can also combined with other steroids. Thus, for a drying period it take with Oxandrolone, and for a muscle grows – with Testosterone, Trenbolone, and Turinabol.

To summarize, the impact of Boldenone consists in:

  • Muscle mass gain – therein lies the anabolic action of the steroid;
  • Strength and endurance indicators growth – followed by body weight gain and makes the drug irreplaceable in those sports where they are of utmost importance;
  • Accelerated red blood cell production – oxygen delivery into the muscles is much faster through this process;
  • Burning fat tissue – especially with the combined courses;
  • Muscles become more venous – it makes the athlete’s body look better, which is of particular importance for performances.

Side effects of Boldenone

Due the double bond between two carbon atoms that was already mentioned, after taking Boldenone, there is practically no hypertension, swelling or gynecomastia. Slight androgenic effect prevents the appearance of acne and hair loss. This same specific feature eliminates the possibility of virilization, which makes the drug safe for women. It is apparent that the anabolic steroid has an effect on the liver, but its toxicity is well below than that of other steroids.

After all, the absence of side effects is only possible when the drug is properly used. It means that an increase of dosage more than 1000 mg per week not recommended.

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