Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone Suspension – an “invisible” drug

Testosterone Suspension – is a solution of the hormone in water and belongs to the class of anabolic-androgenic steroids. This is the only form of the male hormone from which no ether residue released. It is very fast acting, allowing you to increase a significant amount of muscle mass in the shortest possible time. Nevertheless, the substance just as quickly excreted from the body, so many athletes decide to order Testosterone Suspension before the competition.

Features of a Suspension of testosterone

The composition of the Suspension is pure testosterone, which is why it has extremely strong androgenic and anabolic properties. It is strictly contraindicated for women to use it, since side effects (or rather virilization) for them can be so strong that post-cycle therapy will be simply useless.

Men-athletes should also not neglect PCT, since the drug very actively transformed into estrogen. Even taking into account the fact that most often a Testosterone Suspension is used once, gynecomastia may occur.

This substance acts on the same principle as ester propionate. It allows literally before eyes to build up a large number of high-quality dry muscles and increase strength by 2-3 times.

The half-life of the Suspension is 1-2 days, which, with the correct calculation of the time of administration, makes it invisible to doping commissions. That is why bodybuilders are so fond of taking the Suspension before the competition. This substance also sometimes used before exercise to increase the effectiveness of training.

Action of Testosterone Suspension

The effect of Testosterone Suspension can described as follows:

  • Gaining muscle mass at a very fast pace – protein synthesis stimulated by a pure hormone, which leads to this action;
  • Natural muscle growth – if necessary, the Suspension can pricked, this will provide localization of the effect;
  • Growth of strength and endurance – strength indicators increase several times due to strong androgenic properties;
  • Normalization of hormonal balance – the intake of a substance according to a certain scheme ensures the restoration of the body's natural production of testosterone (for those who have this process disturbed).

Most athletes consider Testosterone Suspension to be a one-time drug, but few know that there is a course based on its use. Its duration is from six to eight weeks. This is the maximum period in which you can taking AAS without exposing your liver to highly toxic substances.

The Suspension taken on a course daily or every two days at 50-100 mg in the form of injections. The best time for an injection is an hour and a half before training, and in the days when it is not there – in the morning. Maximum at a time you can taking no more than 200 mg. This is the maximum allowable dosage, but even it should not take daily.

Side effects of a Testosterone Suspension

Before you order Testosterone Suspension, make sure that its high toxicity is not harmful to your liver. In addition, choose a powerful PCT, even if you intend to take the drug once.

Of course, with a single use, side effects not so often manifested as on the course. Nevertheless, sleep disturbances, digestion problems and irritability can still occur.

The Suspension aromatizes very strongly, so after the course, acne, baldness and gynecomastia may appear.

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