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Letrozole – is an effective means to restore the body after a course of steroids

Letrozole – is one of the most effective drugs for post-cycle therapy. Initially, it intended for the treatment of breast cancer in women after menopause, as well as for drug therapy of infertility. However, over time, the means has become increasingly use in heavy sports. This facilitated by his ability to reduce the level of estrogen in the athlete's blood, which helps to neutralize many side effects from taking anabolics. Therefore, athletes who take strong steroids just need to order Letrozole.

How does Letrozole affect the bodybuilder?

The medication belongs to the class of aromatase inhibitors, which provided it with such popularity among representatives of the "iron" sport. The thing is that drugs of this group interfere with the conversion of steroids into estrogens by blocking the endocrine glands secreting the aromatase enzyme.

The fact that Letrozole is very effective proved by numerous studies. According to their results, the drug in the usual dosage (about 2 mg) allows reduce the concentration of estrogen by 76-79%, and with an increased dosage, its effect is almost 100%.

In addition, the substance blocks almost all the side effects caused by taking AAS.

Thus, the effect of Letrozole is:

  • Normalization of hormonal balance in the body – occurs due to the neutralization of aromatase and, as a result, the concentration of estrogen decreases and the level of natural testosterone rises;
  • Blocking the side effects of the use of anabolic-androgenic steroids – thanks to it, athletes can avoid the appearance of acne, swelling, nervousness, gynecomastia and others;
  • Preservation of already grown muscles – it is very important that the PCT preparation does not cross out all the positive effects of anabolics.

How to taking Letrozole?

There are two options for taking the medication: as a means of post-cycle therapy and during the course, to prevent the occurrence of side effects.

As a means of PCT, the drug should take at 2.5 mg daily for 7-10 days, after which it is necessary to reduce the dosage to 0.5 mg and continue the course for another 3-4 weeks.

If you intend to start using the medication during the course of the anabolic, then you need to order Letrozole in advance. Starting to take it is already from the second week of the course. The daily dose largely depends on how powerfull AAS you are taking, but most often, it ranges from 1 to 3 mg.

What are the negative effects of Letrozole may have on the body of the athlete?

Absolutely any drug can have a negative effect on the body. Letrozole is no exception. Among the most frequent adverse events, headaches, nausea, weakness, nervousness, fever, decreased libido, joint pain, and an increased risk of hair loss should note.

However, do not refuse to accept this steroid because of this. We want to assure you that all these undesirable consequences can avoided if you strictly adhere to the scheme of reception and dosage of the drug.

In our online store you will find almost any substance used in bodybuilding: steroids for building muscle mass, drugs for drying, PCT and more. Our qualified consultants will always be able to help you make the choice, and the affordable price for Letrozole will be a weighty argument when choosing a post-course therapy.