Anastrozole – the best means of PCT

Anastrozole belongs to the class of aromatase inhibitors and known among experienced bodybuilders as one of the most effective means of post-cycle therapy. The drug suppresses the female hormone estrogen and improves the production of testosterone. It is necessary to order Anastrozole if you are taking strong anabolic steroids that increase the level of estrogen in the body. In addition, the medication actively used to treat gynecomastia in men.

Features of Anastrozole

Every athlete knows that taking anabolics can bring not only benefits, but also harm, especially if you take the same drug for a long time. In this case, representatives of the stronger sex may face a completely unusual problem – an increase in the mammary glands, which occurs due to an increase in the level of estrogen in the blood of men. To prevent this, use Anastrozole.

This tool allows you to block the action of estrogens, gradually reducing their number to an acceptable level, and increase the level of male hormones. However, not only because of this the drug has become so popular among professional bodybuilders. The fact is that it is very important for them to have a beautiful body shape, especially before the competition, and it is Anastrozole that makes it possible to achieve this effect, removing excess fluid from the body.

Rules for the taking and effectiveness of Anastrozole

There are no clear rules indicating at what time of day to take Anastrozole, but experts recommend doing this in the morning on an empty stomach. Therefore, the tool will be absorbed into the blood faster and, accordingly, activates faster.

Many athletes begin to take the drug only after the first signs of gynecomastia appear, but this is wrong. The most optimal solution is after 10 days from the start of the steroid course take an analysis for estradiols, which will allow identifying violations and determining the dosage. If Enanthate or Sustanon is included in the course, then the medical survey should done 3-4 weeks after the start of the course. The average dosage of the drug is 0.5 mg daily, and with the manifestation of gynecomastia – 1 mg per day. In any case, you need to order Anastrozole in advance in order to start taking it on time.

The effectiveness of the drug is:

  • Blocking the action of estrogen – prevents feminization;
  • Increased testosterone levels – hormonal balance normalized;
  • Enhancing the action of anabolics – by preventing aromatization;
  • The appearance of a clear and beautiful muscle relief – due to the removal of excess water from the body;
  • Increased sexual desire – in a result of increased testosterone levels.

What side effects from Anastrozole may occur?

The effect of Anastrozole is much what depends on the dosage. Like any other drug, with excessive consumption, it can adversely affect the athlete's well-being. Therefore, in case of an overdose of Anastrozole, drawing pain in the joints can occur, apathy for sports will appear, muscle tissue growth will slow down and sports performance will decrease.

Therefore, you must strictly follow the recommendations for the use of the drug and carefully monitor your well-being. Only then can you achieve the desired result.

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