Turinabol - strength and muscle mass in one drug

Anabolic steroid Turinabol is a precursor to Methandienone. The main their connection is that both are very resemble in structure and influence on the organism. The only difference from the younger brother regarding the composition can considered the presence of additional chlorine atoms. It is worth noting that the effect of it is still slightly different from Methandienone. 

A bit of history about the steroid

This anabolic first invented in the distant 60s in Germany. In the beginning it used exclusively in athletics by both men and women. The effect of the drug was quite effective: after taking a significant increase in strength and dexterity observed which was especially pleasing to athletes in those distant years. Moreover, with all this side effects on the body practically were absent. Over time, the drug has gained popularity among heavyweights. 

Nowadays, order Turinabol, which has long been popular among athletes, will not be difficult. 

Which is features and properties differs it from other anabolic drugs?

  • Absence of aromotase 

In fact, this is both a positive and a negative feature. Because on the one hand it is completely eliminates the appearance of side effects in the form of acne or rash, and on the other hand from the absence of aromatase, muscle mass grows much slower and worse. 

  • Absence of water in the tissues

A definite plus. This suggests that the weight you gain will consist solely of muscle mass. In comparison with the aforementioned Methandienone, muscle growth when taking Turinabol is almost double slower. Nevertheless, do not forget that this significantly increases the likelihood that after completing the course, all the gained muscle mass will not go anywhere. 

  • Lower percent inhibition of testosterone synthesis 

Compared to similar drugs, the difference is not huge. Practice shows that after completing the course, the natural process of testosterone production resumes in less than one week. 

  • 16 hour half-life 

Turinabol should to take one or two times a day to maintain hormonal levels at the same level.

  • Strongest increase in libido 

Insofar as the drug not only does not stopped natural testosterone synthesis in the athletes organism, but also stimulate it even more, bodybuilder feels imposing increase of sexual energy. This applies to both men and women. It is not strange, this factor that most of all motivates order Turinabol and combine business with pleasure. 

  • Toxicity to Liver 

If to think globally, then this applies to all drugs produced in tablet form. The drug is indeed somewhat toxic to the human liver. Accordingly, it strictly contraindicated for people suffering from diseases of this important organ. 

The main areas of application of the drug

Turinabol is widely used by bodybuilders, which works with a big weight, such as weightlifters, powerlifters etc. To all those for which more important in physical strength than mass this drug will be very interesting. This is despite the fact that it quite quickly excreted from the body (within 7 days). This contributes to a better preparation for the upcoming competitions. 

In addition, Turinabol is gaining popularity among sports beginners, who only recently decided to take anabolics. Contributes to this by minimized side effects and poor suppression of the production of natural testosterone. Especially it relevant among adolescents, since Turinabol minimally intervenes in hormonal system that is still forming. 

Experienced jocks use it as a transitional stage between taking steroids that is more powerful, thereby allowing the body to rest a bit. 

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