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Oral steroids

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A magic pill for an athlete: what is the peculiarity of oral steroids?

Oral steroids are drugs that taken orally. Almost every athlete is familiar with this concept, because sports pharmacology has also developed with the growing popularity of bodybuilding. Often, such medications taken by powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters, wrestlers and other representatives of heavy sports. Typically, tabletted AAS are derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. They used for build weight and increase the athletic performance of an athlete. You can order oral steroids in specialized online stores.

Properties of oral steroids

There are two forms of release of anabolics: in tablets and in ampoules. Moreover, many athletes, especially beginners, prefer oral anabolic steroids (OAS), explaining this by the convenience of storing and taking drugs.

Male hormone is not absorbed when it enters the stomach. Without getting into the bloodstream, the steroid simply collapses under the action of enzymes, adversely affecting the bodybuilder's liver. This has repeatedly proven experimentally when women took testosterone tablets. It is according to their body that it is easiest to track changes in the hormonal background.

Therefore, to make taking steroids in the form of tablets effective, their molecular composition changed, in a result of which, testosterone derivatives obtained, which can be absorbed into the blood through the walls of the stomach.

One of the features of OAS is their rapid effect and the same rapid excretion from the body, in a result of which they must taken several times a day on the course.

The effect of oral steroids directly depends on how much the athlete adheres to the regimen. Deviations from it entail an unstable level of hormone in the body, which can lead to hormonal jumps.

What drugs can be take in pill form?

Speaking of tablet anabolics, it should note that their choice is not so great. This is due to the need for frequent administration, a rather long course and high toxicity.

Among the most popular OAS are:

  • Methandrolone and its analogs – used to build muscle mass, retains fluid in the body, which leads to a strong rollback after the course;
  • Oxymetalon – provides pumping, increase in dry mass, increase endurance;
  • Primobolan (in capsules) – has a moderate anabolic effect, but allows you to gain quality muscle without much kickback;
  • Oxandrolone – a steroid for drying without gaining mass;
  • Stanazolol – allows you to "dry" the mass and increase the stamina of a bodybuilder.

The price of oral steroids depends on the specific drug, but we recommend choosing original anabolics.

Advantages and disadvantages of OAS

The positive aspects of taking oral anabolics include:

  • Convenient use – just taking the tablet with water;
  • Quick effect and fast elimination – there is an opportunity to “slip through” the doping control.

However, OAS should be take quite often. They presented in a small assortment and highly toxic to the liver. Tableted anabolics require powerful PCT.

You can order oral steroids, as well as hormones, preparations for drying and PCT in our online store. Here you will find high-quality medicines of the original production at an affordable price. If you have any questions regarding the use or choice of a steroid, you can always contact our consultants. They will be happy to help you find the right means.