Oxymetholone (Anadrol)

Oxymetholone – an effective tool for muscle growth and strength

Oxymetholone – is an anabolic-androgenic steroid, which has a synthetic origin. All bodybuilders are well aware of how powerful this drug is. For this reason, beginners are afraid of its and, when it comes to taking anabolics, they do not always decide to order Oxymetholone.

A brief excursion into the history of the steroid

Oxymetholone first appeared on the drug market in the early 60s of the 20th century. It intended to treat anemia, osteoporosis, stimulate appetite and muscle tissue growth. Although further studies have shown that nonsteroidal medications – are much more effective in treating these pathologies. Neverthless, this drug has found another consumer and become use in professional bodybuilding.

Oxymetholone considered one of the most effective anabolics, which used when the athlete's body has already developed a certain resistance to lighter steroids. The effectiveness of this drug is several times higher than in Testosterone.

Its advantages also include the ability to act already from the first days of admission. However, do not forget that all the properties of the steroid will fully manifest themselves only in combination with a sports regime.

What result can achieved by taking Oxymetholone?

The general feeling from the use of anabolic characterized by a significant grows in muscle mass, an increase in strength and endurance. To make it clear how powerful this drug is, it is worth considering the effect of Oxymetholone in more detail:

  • Muscle tissue growth – is the main property due to which the steroid has gained such popularity in heavy sports;
  • Increase in physical potential – as already mentioned, indicators of strength and endurance while taking the drug significantly increase;
  • Improvement of appetite – in a result of the anabolic action of Oxymetholone, the athlete's body requires significantly more food to ensure muscle growth;
  • Increase functionality of the joints – bodybuilders who took this anabolic, noted its positive effect on the work of the joints due to an increase in fluid in the joint bags;
  • Fat burner – if you use a steroid in an increased dosage, it begins to burn subcutaneous fat;
  • Pumping – achieved by increasing the number of red blood cells in the blood.

In addition, the manifestation of venousness is worth adding to this list, because it gives athletes a more spectacular appearance in competitions.

Side effects of taking Oxymetholone

The issue of side effects is almost decisive when choosing a steroid. Therefore, Oxymetholone considered one of the “soft” anabolics, since its negative effect on the liver has not detected. The drug of course increases its activity, but no more.

However, this steroid has a high estrogenic activity, which entails the need to take Clomid or other similar drugs to normalize the level of male and female hormones.

It also believed that Oxymetholone prevents the removal of excess fluid from the body, so it not recommended taking it during drying.

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