Sustanon (Testosterone mix)

Sustanon the best drug to increase testosterone

Sustanon is an oil-based hormonal preparation that is a mixture of four testosterone esters of various durations. This is the most popular means among powerlifters. It contributing to a rapid increase in the level of male hormone in the blood. So if organism produces it in small quantities, for solved this problem, need to order this anabolic.

What is the peculiarity of the drug and how it taken?

It is an injectable anabolic. Like all similar steroids, it has a pronounced androgenic activity. Therefore, do not equate it with other sports pharmacology. Because, as already mentioned, it contains four esters of testosterone. This makes it more valuable for experienced jocks.

The long-term effect of steroid is due to this fact that each of the components contained in it has a different duration of absorption in the blood. Therefore, it will work perfectly even with rare using.

The steroid contributes to the rapid gain in muscle mass, so it also used to treat people who have lost weight from a disease.

Taking Sustanon possible either alone or in combination with other drugs. Solo course of this anabolic designed for 10 weeks. Most jocks take it of 250-1000 mg once a week (average dosage 500 mg). Injections necessary to make intramuscularly, preferably in the gluteus muscle. Already three weeks after the end of the course, it is necessary to begin post-course therapy. Impossible ignore it, because negative effects may occur.

Action of the drug

The main effects of anabolic include: 

  • Muscle building an average weight gain of about 6 kg per month; 
  • Anti-catabolic effect prevented protein breakdown; 
  • Improved appetite it occurs due to increased levels of testosterone in the body; 
  • Increase in strength and endurance it occurs because red blood cells in the blood increased, that provide better oxygen transportation; 
  • Increased libido observed only while taking it and is associated with an increase in the level of male hormone; 
  • Accelerated regeneration after intense sports is directly proportional to the level of testosterone in the athlete's blood.

What side effects also may occur?

Since Sustanon acts on the hormonal background in the bodybuilder's organism, it has a number of negative consequences. Among them can be distinguished such: 

  • Fluid retention in the tissues this drug is more suitable for weight gain, so it is not used during the drying period; 
  • Accelerated facial hair growth is a consequence of increased testosterone (because Sustanon undesirable to take ladies ); 
  • Greasy skin and, hereupon, acne appear due to the oily base of the drug; 
  • Baldness is a very rare phenomenon, which can easily prevented, just need passing therapy on time.

In addition, the drug may cause irritation at the injection site. If Sustanon introduced into adipose tissue, then formed a bump. To avoid this, inject the drug deep into the muscle tissue.

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