Tamoxifen in bodybuilding: dosage, reception scheme, effectiveness

Tamoxifen – is a pharmacological drug based on sexual hormones that is quite rare in traditional medicine. Initially, the drug intended to treat breast cancer in women after menopause, but after a while, it replaced by a more effective medicine. However, this means did not disappear from the market, as it found its consumer in the face of weightlifters. Experienced bodybuilders recommend order Tamoxifen to restore hormonal balance after taking steroids. In other words, it is a means for PCT.

Characteristic of Tamoxifen

This medication is very popular among athletes, since the price of Tamoxifen is quite low and it is easy to find in pharmacies. Nevertheless, to be honest, this is one of the most effective antiestrogens. It blocks the production of hormones by the secondary sexual characteristics (that is, testosterone in women and estrogen in men). Unlike Clomid, this drug acts on all glands, and not just on the ovaries and pituitary gland, which makes it more effective.

However, the drug does not remove hormones that have already accumulated in the body, so if you started taking it too late, you will have to combine Tamoxifen with preparations that are similar in properties to Proviron.

Sometimes start taking Tamoxifen together with anabolics, which helps to prevent transformation into estrogens, and not fight them.

How to taking Tamoxifen?

In the case of this drug, there are several options for taking. If you start taking it on a course of steroids, then it is obvious that it will prevent the appearance of side effects from AAS. For this purpose, Tamoxifen should started in the second week of the course of 10-20 mg daily. Note that this can adversely affect the effectiveness of the anabolic.

If anti-estrogen used exclusively for PCT, then the course should last 30-45 days. The optimal dosage is 20-40 mg daily. If AAS was very severe, then the daily dose can maximized up to 80 mg.

If you taking the drug correctly, the effect of Tamoxifen will be as follows:

  • Preventing the development of female sexual characteristics in men – blocks the production of estrogen, due to which this effect is achieved;
  • Increased strength indicators – because of this property, the means is very popular in those sports where you need to increase strength, while remaining in the same weight category;
  • Muscle relief – achieved by removing excess fluid;
  • Reduction of body fat – on a combined course often used as a fat burner.

Side effects of Tamoxifen on the body

Despite the fact that this drug designed for post-cycle therapy, it itself causes a huge number of side effects. Some of them are associated with the toxicity of Tamoxifen (for example, elevated basal temperature, nausea and baldness), while others are caused by an overdose.

So, to the second group of side effects include acne, digestive disorders, visual impairment, heart rhythm disturbances, increased sweating, and fatigue. Dangerously high doses lead to loss of appetite, anorexia and hallucinations.

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