Proviron (Mesterolon)

Proviron – an effective drug with a wide range of applications

Proviron – is a synthetic hormonal drug with moderate androgenic activity. In traditional pharmacology, the drug used to normalize testosterone levels and increase libido. The manufacturing company, which first launched Proviron in 1934 under the Schering brand name, claims it is the first drug to treat hormonal disorders in men. In bodybuilding, the hormone known as an effective means for PCT. In addition, athletes can order Proviron for combination with anabolic steroids, which will help quickly achieve the desired result.

What is the peculiarity of Proviron?

Due to its versatility, Proviron can used for various purposes. The active substance in the drug is Masterolone, which significantly inhibits the transformation of steroids into estrogens. This property makes the sports medicament one of the most popular among both athlete’s – men and women, since it prevents the manifestation of virilization and gynecomastia.

Proviron does not belong to anabolic steroids, but it is an excellent addition to them while taking AAS. The androgenic activity of the hormone will be an excellent addition in the middle of the course, when without it the body simply cannot continue to build up mass. It is worth noting that taking his solo does not make sense, since it is not intended for the growth of muscle tissue.

The price of Proviron depends on many factors, including the manufacturer. However, in order to avoid undesirable consequences, athletes recommend using only the drug under the original brand name.

Scheme of administration and effectiveness of Proviron

The medication is available in tablets of 25 and 50 mg. The optimal daily dosage for both women and men is 25 mg, but sometimes, experienced bodybuilders take 100 mg daily. However, taking such an amount of the drug once can lead to an overdose, so it must be divided into three times: the largest dose – 50 mg – should coincide with the main meal in the middle of the day, and 25 mg of the hormone should be taken in the morning and evening.

Reception scheme and the dosage of the hormone in combination with anabolic steroids depends on the specific steroid and selected individually.

When taken correctly, the effect of Proviron will be:

  • Normalization of hormonal balance and increased libido in men – initially the drug used precisely for these purposes;
  • Addition the body with androgens – is a prerequisite for effective muscle building;
  • The appearance of muscle relief and the improvement of its quality – occurs due to the high androgenic activity of the drug.

Is it safe to taking Proviron?

Proviron considered one of the safest steroid used in the "iron" sport, but it is not without side effects. Their appearance can caused by an overdose of the hormone or personal intolerance to the active substances.

In a result, the athlete may increase the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood, slow down the production of natural testosterone, and acne will appear. In addition, there may be jumps in blood pressure, so people with cardiovascular diseases need to take medication very carefully.

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