Testosterone Base

Testosterone base - recommendations for use and effectiveness

Testosterone base is a common drug in bodybuilding. It is available exclusively as an injection and is a solution of a synthetically produced male hormone in water. Initially, the medication intended to treat hormonal imbalances and insufficient synthesis of natural testosterone in men. Nevertheless, since it has pronounced androgenic and anabolic properties, bodybuilders very soon began to use it to build mass and increase strength indicators. Order Testosterone base possible in specialized stores.

Short reference about Testosterone base

The name of the tool speaks for itself. The base is pure testosterone, its only form of release in which there is no ether residue. This explains the 100% anabolic and androgenic activity. In this regard, the administration of the drug to women strictly not recommended without the appointment of a doctor, because for sports purposes this can lead to the development of secondary sexual characteristics.

The effect of the Testosterone base occurs almost instantly, so this anabolic taken, if you need to gain the maximum possible mass in the shortest possible time. Anabolic feature is a short half-life - only 3 days. After its expiration, the steroid is very difficult to detect in the athlete's body. That property often used by athletes, using the anabolic before the competition a few days before doping control. 

The drug strongly transformed into estrogen, so after the course it is necessary to undergo post-cycle therapy.

Rules for taking Testosterone base

To achieve the maximum effect from taking the steroid, you need to do injections daily or every other day. This is due to the short half-life, and if the scheme violated, the level of the hormone in the body will be unstable.

The permissible dosage is 50-100 mg at a time. The duration of the course should not exceed 5 weeks. However, some athletes take it up to 8 weeks. In this case, to avoid serious side effects, you should also start taking gonadotropin.

Due to the strong transformation of androgen to estrogen from the beginning of the course should take in parallel with it Letrozole, Anastrozole or other aromatase inhibitors.

Observing the reception schedule, you can achieve such results:

  • A set of high-quality muscle mass - a manifestation of anabolic properties;
  • Increase in strength indicators - the effect of the androgenic component of the drug;
  • Increased libido - observed exclusively during the course. After the end of the reception, sexual desire decreases;
  • Fat reduction - many bodybuilders claim that this effect can achieved by taking the drug according to a special scheme.

Possible side effects of Testosterone base

The price of Testosterone base directly depends on the manufacturer, but we recommend taking the original drug. This will help reduce potential negative effects on the body.

When taking a low-quality steroid or in case of an overdose, acne, signs of baldness, gynecomastia may appear. Digestion disorders, jumps in blood pressure, and insomnia also happen quite often. Some athletes report increased aggression and nervousness on the course.

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