Masteron (Drostanolone)

Masteron – most popular of preparations for drying

Masteron – is a steroid drug that has both androgenic and anabolic effects. Moreover, the first expressed much stronger. It first appeared in the 70s of the last century. Initially, the medication intended for the treatment of breast cancer, but over time, it no longer used for these purposes, as women began to show signs of virilization. Nevertheless, the steroid found its consumer in another industry, and is now one of the most popular means for drying muscles among bodybuilders. Therefore, if you want quickly and efficiently prepare your body for the competition, we recommend order Masteron.

Features of the drug Masteron

This means is a derivative form of Didrotestosterone. Therefore, it largely repeats its pharmacological properties. In heavy sports, Masteron is used to dry muscle mass, due to which the athlete receives a beautiful relief body. In addition, those athletes, who need to increase strength and stamina before the competition, use this steroid. 

The medication has a pronounced antiestrogenic property, which guarantees the preservation of the achieved effect for a long time. This, no doubt, is one of the main advantages of the drug.

The steroid also has a fat burning effect and in combination with a low-calorie diet, can used for weight loss.

The drug is available in ampoules, so the price of Masteron can vary depending on their volume – 50 or 100 mg / ml.

Admission Rules and Efficiency of Masteron

Experienced bodybuilders recommend taking no more than 400-600 mg of Masteron per week for 10 weeks. However, for beginners, the duration of the course is slightly less – 6 weeks. In this case, you need to take the drug solo 50 mg once every two days.

During the drying period, the steroid can combined with other means. Therefore, an excellent effect gives the course in combination with Oxandrolone in a dosage of 400 mg and 50 mg daily. It can also combined with Testosterone or Turinabol, the dosage of which is 400 mg or 40 mg, respectively. It is worth paying attention that the weekly dosage of the main drug reduced to 300-400 mg. This course can significantly increase strength indicators.

When taken properly, the effect of Masteron will exceed all expectations. The main properties of the drug can described as follows:

  • Muscle relief – is provided by the diuretic effect of the steroid, thanks to which it used during drying;
  • Fat burning – due to this it is often used for weight loss and during the drying period;
  • Small muscle growth – it is very important for those athletes who seek to improve performance, remaining in the same weight category;
  • Obstacle to the production of excessive amounts of estrogen – achieved because the drug is an aromatase inhibitor.

Side effects after taking Masteron

Like all medicines, this means has a number of side effects. Among them, blood pressure fluctuations most often observed. Most often, this manifests itself in people with high bad cholesterol, but sometimes it occurs and in healthy athletes.

In addition, with an unreasonably overestimated dosage, the risk of baldness increases, nervousness occurs, less often athletes suffer from acne.

After taking Masteron, the organism begins to produce less testosterone, as it gets used to getting hormone from the drug. To eliminate this effect, post-cycle therapy is necessary.

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