Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate - Universal Steroid

Testosterone Propionate is a versatile injectable steroid with a very wide range of applications. The universality of the drug lies in the fact that it can effectively combined with many other steroids, or used as part of an independent course.

Features of Testosterone Propionate

Since Propionate based on testosterone, it is one of the short-action ethers that is rapidly activated in the body. Thus, there is a needed to inject it or every day, or every 2 days, which for some bodybuilders is not so simple. Those who is willing to sacrifice his time can count on an effective process of muscle growth. An additional advantage is the relatively low degree of harm to the body, which is lower than with long-acting steroids

Propionate is not inclined to the aromatase as much as the preparations with long action. Water retention in the body minimized if you do not exceed a dosage of about 100 mg per day. Another important element from the point of view of bodybuilders focused on muscle quality is the anticatabolic effect of testosterone propionate. It can protect muscles from potential drops associated with a low-calorie diet. Propionate is great for both professionals and sports beginners. This is a steroid, which gives a completely new impulse for further improve athlete’s body. Many athletes order Testosterone Propionate, motivating their choice of its flexibility in use.

Drug dosage

The dosage of Testosterone Propionate is rather small due to the daily injections. For beginners, 50-100 mg per day is recommended, and for professionals, 100-200 mg. In addition, Propionate used by women who are advised to administer no more than 25-50 mg, but most often at two-day intervals. Despite this, they should be especially careful when using, so as not to cause irreparable harm to their body. Testosterone Propionate can used without problems even for a year, but it is not very comfortable due to frequent injections. Usually it combined with other anabolics - Methanabol, Oxandrolone, Stanozolol or Trenbolone.

Side Effects of Propionate

Although this drug considered one of the mildest ether available on the market, cannot said that the effect of Testosterone Propionate is completely harmless to the body. Increasing the dose can cause symptoms of gynecomastia, the appearance of acne, pathology of the skin, alopecia, and an increase bodyhair. Propionate also leads to a partial blockage of testosterone synthesis in the body, which for many is undesirable.

Now on the market there are many varieties of Propionate from various manufacturers. Therefore, this led to the massive emergence of low-quality fakes that did not pass certification. Beware of counterfeit products, as this not only significantly reduces the effectiveness of training, but also can undermine your health.

However, we bring to your attention only a high quality and proven product by experienced athletes. The price of Propionate from leading manufacturers, although slightly higher than pirated counterparts, but it gives you a 100% guarantee of quality and effectiveness when completing the course. For order Testosterone Propionate in our store, you just need to fill out a small application form, which should indicate the name of the product and the required quantity. After that, our consultants will contact you within a few minutes and clarify all questions regarding payment and delivery.