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Golden Dragon Turhoged 10мг (Туринабол) 50таб

14,50$ ( 14,50$)


  • Производитель: Golden Dragon Pharmaceuticals
  • Форма выпуска: 50таб по 10мг
  • Активный компонент: chlordehydromethyltestosterone
  • Страна: Китай

Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 50 tablets – Muscle Relief and Strength

The drug “Turhoged 10mg” helps in a short period to gain high-quality muscle mass and significantly improve your physical charasteristics. In the steroid manufactured by the Golden Dragon pharmaceutical company, Turinabol is the active substance. It has high anabolic activity with moderate androgenic action. Turhoged is very similar to Methandrostenolone, but thanks to the additional chlorine atom, it does not trap water in muscle tissue.

An important factor when choosing an anabolic is its safety. You can safely order “Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 50 tablets”, since this drug practically does not cause side effects. They can occur only in violation of the reception schedule.

Turhoged is available in oral form. The package contains 50 tablets of 10 mg. You can use it both – on a solo course, and combining it with other AAS.

Effect of Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 50 tablets

Golden Dragon has manufactured this steroid more than half a century, but during this time, it has not lost its popularity among athletes around the world. Turhoged is suitable not only for professional bodybuilders, but also for beginners who want to achieve the desired shape. Given the unlikely side effects and the high effectiveness of the drug, the price of Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 50 tablets considered quite loyal.

It is important that after the end of the anabolic course, the rollback phenomenon practically not observed. This is due to the high anti-catabolic properties that allow you to save the gained mass.

The drug has a large number of positive effects on the athlete's body, among which are:

  • Significant increase in quality muscle without fluid retention;
  • Rapid increase in power indicators;
  • Increased relief and muscle stiffness;
  • Slight fat burning effect;
  • Lack of reaction with aromatase;
  • Almost no rollback after the course.

In our online store of anabolics and sports pharmacology, you can order “Golden Dragon Turhoged 10mg 50 tablets” at an affordable price of high quality. When ordering a steroid from us, you can were not afraid that you will get a dummy, because we sell only original goods.

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