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Drugs to increase potency

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Restoration of potency after the course – the most popular drugs

Potency enhancing drugs are a group of medications that restore potency and improve male physiology. Bodybuilders, powerlifters and other athletes taking androgenic-anabolic steroids to improve athletic performance often use them. Anabolics negatively affect the functioning of the male genital organs, disrupting the hormonal balance in the bodybuilder's body. It is far from always that he can recover on his own without taking additional funds. If you have taken a difficult course of steroids, then it is better to order drugs to increase potency in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

The Impact of AAS on Men's Health

This issue became relevant after athletes who regularly take anabolic steroids noted a deterioration in sexual function.

The action of steroids based on the use of the male hormone – testosterone, which already naturally produced in the body. During the course, due to its synthetic analogues, the level of hormones rises significantly. This leads to an increase in mass, an improvement in strength indicators and an increase in sexual desire. However, after completing the course, testosterone ceases to come from outside and the body is so used to it that the natural synthesis of the hormone has decreased to a minimum, and with an excessively long use of steroids, it completely stopped its production.

After stopping the use of anabolics, there is a sharp decrease in testosterone levels, in a result of which sex drive reduced and potency is impaired.

The main drugs to increase potency

Obviously, male potency directly depends on the amount of testosterone in his body. Therefore, the most effective medicines for its recovery after the course will be testosterone-containing drugs.

There are two main types of therapy for which necessary to order drugs to increase potency: substitute and stimulating.

For replacement therapy, the following agents used:

  • Nebido – for intramuscular injection. It produced in the form of an oil-based ether, increases libido and restores hormonal balance;
  • Androgel – designed for prolonged use with a lack of testosterone in the blood. It produced in the form of a gel that is absorbed into the body through epithelial cells;
  • Sustanon 250 – the drug contains four testosterone esters. Available in ampoules for intramuscular injection, used to treat hypogonadism;
  • Andriol is an oral drug that restores potency. Does not suppress the own synthesis of male hormone.

For replacement therapy, such agents as Parity, Vitrix, Arimatest and others can used. Nevertheless, the effect of drugs to increase the potency of this group is much weaker than the ones listed above.

The effect of medicines for men's health

The use of such drugs leads to:

  • Normalization of hormonal balance – due to testosterone entering the body;
  • Restoration of the synthesis of male hormone – medicines act on sensitive receptors;
  • Increased sexual desire – occurs due to an increase in hormone levels.

In our online store, you can order medicines that restore libido, hormones, steroids and fat burners used in heavy sports. If you need advice in choosing a tool, then our consultants are always ready to help. Moreover, the affordable price of drugs to increase potency will make your purchase even more enjoyable.